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Bodypack Alpha Windbreaker Boxy Cut Jacket


When you wear ALPHA Windbreaker Jacket, feel the warmth and coolness at the same time!

Bodypack ALPHA Jacket is a boxy-cut jacket, made from nylon crinkle material that ensures durability and is resistant to water. This windbreaker jacket features a zipper and snap button, which means double the warmth and protection. It includes a hood with a fastening elastic cord, pockets with zipper, inner pockets, as well as a mesh lining on the inner side for better airflow. This jacket is designed for your daily wear. Either for running, the morning commute to the office, or as an outer to complete your look.


1. Comes with a zipper and snap button

2. A hood with an adjuster string

3. Pockets with zipper

4. Inner pocket with a zipper

5. Elastic cord with stopper on the bottom

6. Mesh lining on the inner side for better airflow

7. Cuff adjuster with velcro tape

8. Boxy Cut

9. Water-repellent material

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