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Bodypack Apex Overrow Laptop Sleeve


Extra soft to the touch with quick and easy access. Bodypack APEX OVERROW Laptop Sleeve will keep your laptop secure during your times of work at the coffee shop, library, or office. Not only it could fit your 14” laptop, but also your books or documents as well. The front compartment can also easily fit up to a 10.2” tablet, or any other items you’d like to bring to complete the day. This laptop sleeve is made from polyester quilt, a plus point that can elevate and complete your looks!

1. Thick and soft 14” laptop compartment (tested with Laptop Lenovo ideapad 3)

2. Front compartment with zipper for up to 10.2” tablet or other items (tested with iPad gen 9)

3. Opening with toggle accent

4. Hand grip

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