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Bodypack Chronos Chest Bag

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Whether you’re hiking outdoors, traveling, or about town in urban environments, there are certain smaller items you want within easy reach. Perhaps a phone, keys, and wallet in town. A passport and tickets during your trips. Snacks, maps, tools, and other trail essentials in the wilderness. CHRONOS chest bag lets you roam with minimalist loads when you just need the essentials. Slim and exceptionally lightweight, CHRONOS is a great option when you want to keep frequently used essentials or valuables secure yet accessible on the move. Light and compact, this chest bag is easy to store them in a larger bag (such as a travel pack or hiking pack).


Key Features
1. Main compartment with organizers and a keychain

2. Front stash pocket with molle strap and bungee cord accent

3. Adjustable shoulder strap

4. Padded back panel for comfort

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