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Bodypack Deacon Shoulder Bag


Bodypack DEACON Shoulder Bag is a bag that can function as a handbag or sling bag. Not only does it depict a versatile design, but it also has a series of features to complete it all. This bag offers a main compartment with a zipper so you can store your items safely as you go. You can also find hidden side pockets that can fit water bottles, umbrellas, or anything that wanna be hidden. There are two open pockets on the back side of the bag for additional storage for your belongings. The sling strap is easily detachable and adjustable so you can keep it off if you don’t feel like wearing it.

Bodypack DEACON Shoulder Bag is just the right size for those who prefer small carry yet still want to bring a lot of things. Bring it as you travel, visit the beach, or even concert, this shoulder bag is prepared to be your company.

1. Main compartment with zipper

2. Hidden side pockets, fits water bottle

3. Two back pockets

4. Handle grip

5. Detachable and adjustable strap

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