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Bodypack Freight Ridgeline Laptop Backpack

496,300.00 709,000.00

FREIGHT is a backpack that can double up as your urban companion and trail buddy. This bag is durable and versatile enough to move between the concrete jungle and the outdoors. FREIGHT offers a padded interior compartment for a 14 inch laptop. A choice of external pockets keep smaller essentials within easy reach, and the rugged water-resistant build will hold up to a variety of activities.

 Key Features
1. Main space with a 14" laptop compartment and a mesh pocket

2. Top pocket

3. Front pocket

4. Twin bottom multifunction buckle strap

5. Twin side multifunction buckle strap

6. Twin water bottle holders with molle strap

7. D-rings on front and shoulder straps

8. Sternum system

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