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Bodypack Kanoe Relax Wide Pants

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Get cozy all day long with Bodypack KANOE Relax Wide Pants. This pair of jogger pants has an elastic waistband along with a front zipper and a string so you can adjust it accordingly. KANOE relax wide pants are made from danball material which is known to be a material that is soft to the skin and comfortable. The single loop under the waistband is an attractive additional detail that can function as a spot to hook your keychains, car keys, small pouch, or carabiner. Apart from that, these relaxed-fit pants are also equipped with front and back pockets.

How to care: avoid washing machine and too much friction.

1. Elastic waistband with string

2. Front zipper

3. Front and back pocket

4. Single loop for carabiner or keychain under the waistband

5. Relaxed fit

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