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Bodypack Meister Kimono Quilted Jacket - Olive

509,150.00 599,000.00

Bodypack MEISTER Kimono Quilted Jacket allows you to transition seamlessly between dressing up for lounging or work. 

This kimono jacket is designed to be versatile outerwear. The quilt details can add a unique statement to your look. It has two front pockets just in case you want to keep your small essentials within your reach or to put your hands in when it gets chilly. Wrap it tight around your body or let it loose, the adjustable strap on the front will help you with that. MEISTER Kimono Jacket can also be paired with Bodypack MAGE Balloon Pants. 

1. Quilted detail with comfortable padded lining 

2. Front pocket 

3. Adjustable strap detail 

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