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Bodypack Sublime Shoulder Bag


Wearable as a crossbody, Bodypack SUBLIME Shoulder Bag has a drawstring mechanism, enabling you to have an expandable roomy main space. It is completed with an inner pocket, a space for you to put your wallet, keys, or packs of tissue. The front additional compartment comes with an adjustable buckle, allowing you to store your items safely while maintaining quick access. The strap is detachable and adjustable as well, so you can wear it more comfortably according to your preference.

Bodypack SUBLIME Shoulder Bag could hold what you need during those times of travel, festivals, or when you’re spending time with your friends. It’s made from reliable and durable nylon ripstop material, allowing you to have fun without worry.

1. Expandable roomy main space with drawstring mechanism using paracord

2. Inner pocket with zipper

3. Front compartment with buckle

4. Detachable and adjustable strap

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