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From textbooks to laptops, analog to mirrorless cameras, mum's packed lunch to fast foods, youngsters to elders, a backpack has always been a perfect companion, especially if you are always on the move.

Born in 1996, Bodypack has always been the pioneer of design, production, and distribution of digital cases in Indonesia. We believe small and simple solutions are the keys to improving digital native’s life. As time goes by, we have been maintaining positive and healthy relationships with communities within this industry.

We are known as the best backpack maker in the nation. However, quality products are not the only things that we create.


Having to change is overwhelming. But, getting stuck in the dreary round of routine isn’t something we should be proud of. One thing for sure, if we are committed to maintaining yesterday, we are simply not available to create tomorrow.

Our brand has been around since decades. Paths that we took weren’t easy. There were obstacles, habits, and fears. Prices were paid. Sacrifices were made. Our purpose was questioned.

We believe in the journey. The journey that leads us somewhere into the unknown. It’s a journey of finding the righteous.

We grow up, but our grounds remain unchanged. We set a step back from the race to redefine and refine our purpose – to enable people to make a difference in their lives. We explore where we are and decide where to go. To make intentional change, we need to tear down some of the bonds that hold us.

Yet doing anything differently – let alone innovating – always creates unexpected difficulties. So we create one. We create the unexpected. A couple of wrong moves could be the road to devastation. But we don’t stop.