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5 Travel Bags Recommendations For a Comfortable and Safe Holiday

Traveling is an activity that has become a way for many people to refresh and de-stress from their daily routines. Visiting dream destinations or revisiting favorite places are powerful ways to gain new experiences and ideas. No wonder many people, especially workers, make traveling a form of self-reward.

Since traveling is a much-awaited activity, thorough preparation is also a must. From researching the destination, arranging tickets, packing items, to choosing a bag that is strong and spacy enough to accommodate your vacation essentials. If everything is prepared before you go, you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy the travel moments more!

Well, to make your travels more comfortable and safe, check out these 5 travel bag recommendations from Bodypack!


Bodypack Cobalt 1.0 Duffle Bag - 45L

Spacious and easy to carry, a duffle bag is considered the right choice for traveling. With a capacity of 45L, the Bodypack Cobalt 1.0 Bag has a large main compartment and expandable side storage for storing spare shoes. can accommodate various needs when traveling. This bag is made of tarpaulin material which is known to be sturdy and water-repellent. Cobalt 1.0 offers three three-way carry options: carrying, slinging, and backpack. This duffle bag can also be folded and stored in the provided packing cube.

Bodypack Goliath Vision Rucksack Backpack - 31L

For those who prefer to be a backpacker, the Bodypack Goliath Vision Rucksack Backpack can be the choice. This backpack has a toggle feature that can be attached and detached to create a wider opening. So, this large backpack with a capacity of 31L is not only practical but can also accommodate weekend getaway needs!

Bodypack Solace Duffle Bag - 30L

For those who want to use a travel bag that can hold a lot but is still light, the Bodypack Solace Duffle Bag is the answer. This bag is made from strong and durable ripstop material. In addition to its main compartment that can hold up to 30L, this duffle bag also comes with an additional drawstring pouch for dirty clothes. Besides being carried by hand, the Solace Duffle Bag can also be carried like a backpack.

Bodypack Kaban Laptop Backpack - 27L

One more recommendation for a laptop backpack that can be a mainstay for weekend travel. The Bodypack Kaban laptop backpack has a capacity of 27L with a special compartment for a 15" laptop. This laptop backpack has a flaptop model design with a buckle, so it is easy to access but the contents will remain safe because there is a strap. This large backpack also has D-rings and molle accents on the strap, for those of you who want to hang carabiners, water bottles, or hats.

Bodypack Tri Hector Laptop Backpack - 25L

Traveling is indeed a way to 'escape' from work for a while. However, many people choose to travel while working. Therefore, a bag with a special compartment for gadgets can be chosen if you are the type who can work from anywhere.

The Bodypack Tri Hector backpack has its own space for your 14" laptop. So, you can store clothes or other necessities in the main compartment, without having to worry about the safety of your laptop. This backpack is suitable for those of you who like to travel by motorbike.

Choosing a travel bag is also a crucial step when preparing for travel. The type and capacity must be considered to suit the contents. Keep us from bringing a bag that is too big or too small, which will disrupt our travel moments. All of the Bodypack traveling bags mentioned above can support your needs when traveling. Starting from bringing a change of clothes, toiletries, spare shoes, to souvenirs from your chosen destination. You can also find more Bodypack backpack or duffle bag that suit your preferences.

So, which travel bag is suitable for your next destination?