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Bodypack Rebrands to Strengthen the Brand Spirit and Introduces a New Logo

Bodypack has undergone a strategic rebranding and visual refresh to solidify its brand essence and identity. This move ensures Bodypack keeps pace with the ever-evolving market landscape. The brand unveiled its new logo and brand spirit through a captivating campaign video on their official Instagram channel.


Bodypack's concept has been a driving force since 1953. Following meticulous planning and product development, its official journey began in 1996. Over the past 27 years, significant shifts in habits, lifestyles, and cultures have presented numerous opportunities for Bodypack to continuously learn, create, transform, and collaborate with brands and communities.



Bodypack approaches rebranding not as a complete overhaul, but rather as a form of essential adaptation. This adaptation, they believe, is key to keeping pace with change, fostering continuous progress, and improving the brand toward a brighter future. Bodypack recognizes that adaptation is crucial for expanding its reach to the current generation, aligning itself with the ever-changing dynamics of urban life.



Furthermore, this rebranding moment serves to strengthen Bodypack's core message. With its tagline, "Make A Difference," Bodypack emphasizes the power within each individual to inspire positive change. The brand stands firmly behind those who strive for progress and make a difference, however big or small. This spirit of progress, adaptation, and inspiring positive change are the core values that Bodypack will continue to champion and embody in the years to come.



Bodypack proudly introduces its new logo. The new design, a resemblance of an equal sign, embodies Bodypack's three core values: equality, progress, and balance.