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Fun Facts about Collars that You Don’t Know

Fun Facts about Collars that You Don’t Know

In fashion, people often overlook the collar as a minor detail. However, collar has some interesting facts that you might not know!

Dive into Collar Chronicles

Did you know shirt collars trace back to the days of Pharaohs? Once symbols of status, they've evolved to define jobs like blue and white collars. These timeless accessories bridge ancient customs with modern culture.

Collar Evolution: From Stiff Uprights to Relaxed Classics

Across centuries, shirt collars have danced to the tune of changing cultures. Picture the uprights of the 16th century bowing to the non-flowered ease of the 20th. Cultural shifts have shaped collar styles through the ages.


Exploring Collar Diversity: From Ancient Elegance to Modern Styles

Step back in time to ancient Egypt, collars boasted elegant simplicity, reflecting the grandeur of their civilization. Fast forward to the Renaissance era, nobles adorned themselves with extravagant, "extra"-looking collars, symbolizing their opulence and status. While in the present day,  the iconic wingtip collars reign supreme, epitomizing modern sophistication and timeless elegance. 

The Power of Collar

A collar may seem insignificant, but it holds the key to balancing the body and accentuating the face. Don’t underestimate the power of collar.

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