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Get Into Character with the Newsboy Cap

Fashion is one way of expressing one's personality. Hats, such as the newsboy cap, are often used to complete an overall characterful look One of these is the newsboy cap. Let's explore how to achieve a characterful look with the Newsboy cap!


Simple shirt

The newsboy cap, Let's explore how to achieve this with a simple white shirt. This combination will give a classic and timeless impression.


Suspender Belt

For a classic look, a suspender belt can complement the shirt and newsboy cap. The additional accent of the suspender belt will enhance the classic character. Additionally, the suspender belt can be paired with other tops, such as a t-shirt.



You can pair a newsboy cap with a blazer for a more formal look. Besides adding a strong impression, this hat will give you a unique and different touch!


Then what else?

If you already have a shirt, suspender belt, or blazer ready to mix and match, then all that's left is the hat. Try the Bodypack Lambeth; this hat offers a cool vintage style. Just choose the black or olive color that complements your overall look. Let's explore your classic outfit now!