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Bodypack Mage Wide Pants - Khaki

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Bodypack MAGE WIde Pants are designed to keep you not only feeling at ease but also keeping you in style when moving. 

This pair is completed with a diamond gusset on the crotch, so you can move more flexibly. Besides it has an elastic waistband, you can also adjust the built-in buckle according to your level of comfort. If you like to keep things inside your pants pocket, then you will enjoy wearing this one as it has enough pockets for your essentials. This wide pants also feature an adjustable bottom hem with hidden string, allowing you to style it however you want. Moreover, this pair of pants uses nylon crinkle material, which is coated with mosquito resistance and it is also quick to dry, making it ideal for outdoor wear. Pair Bodypack MAGE Wide Pants with Bodypack MEISTER Kimono Jacket to complete the look! 

1. Elastic waistband with adjustable built-in buckle 

2. Diamond gusset accent 

3. Front zipper 

4. Snap button 

5. Side pocket with quilt details 

6. Back pocket 

7. Adjustable bottom hem (hidden string) 

8. Nylon crinkle material (anti-mosquito, quick dry)

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