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Bodypack Solace Duffle Bag


If you want to have a bag that you can use for traveling or when hitting the gym, you might want to give Bodypack SOLACE duffle bag a look.

This spacy bag fits up to 30L, ready to accommodate your clothes and other equipment you need. It is also completed with an inner drawstring pouch to put in your laundry. SOLACE is a flexible two-way carry bag, you can turn it into a handheld bag or backpack. With ripstop material, SOLACE is a practical and lightweight carry good yet durable and will last for a long time


Key Features
1. Spacious 30L main compartment with additional drawstring pouch for laundry or other neccessities

2. Two-way carry (Handheld and Backpack) with detachable strap mechanism

3. Side compartment

4. Hand grips with velcro tape

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