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Bodypack Trav Pack 3 in 1 Packing Cube

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Make your traveling moments easier with Bodypack TRAV 3 in 1 Packing Cube. This product comes in 3 different sizes that you can use according to your needs, for example, you can use the biggest one for your pants and tops, the medium one for your underwear, and the smallest one for your toiletries. This packing cube will make your traveling bag or luggage tidier, and it will also allow you to have more space. You can also hang it or bring this pouch easily as it is equipped with a hanger loop.

Bodypack TRAV 3 in 1 Packing Cube is definitely a life-changer for those who are keen on traveling with ease!

1. Consist of 3 rectangular pouches, with zipper and mesh top

2. Hanger loop 

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